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Very bewithing- cheeky Mini- hoopskirts.
Suitable for party or inlining, over jeans.... or simply just for fun...
You will attract the looks of everybody:-))).

Sexy and alluring.
The hoop can also be removed and you have a sweet mini skirt.

MiniCrini - tulle opaque

 MiniCrini-tulle transparent  MiniCrini -tulle- train

49 Euro

49 Euro

49 Euro

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Material: depending on hoopskirt type, transparent, opaque, panne- velvet, elastic- satin
Sizes: S- L (please tell me when you order)
hoop circumference: ca. 2m
Velcro closure or elastic waist band
wash and wear, non iron

Material: 100 % Polyester
without accessoires as belt, rag, cloth etc.


There are various possibilities to wear these skirts.....
........set free your fantasy


*MiniCrini 1*

*MiniCrini 2*

*MiniCrini 3*

  41 Euro

  46 Euro

46 Euro 

more photos ====>> click on pictures



Pictures & HP © by Cornelia Bayer 


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