Hoopskirt black or white Type F


4 hoops, 3frills, bottom circumfence ca. 430 cm ,

to make it smaller is no problem

flat, ealstic waistband.

This offer includes only the hoopskirt, without the mini , top, etc.

hoopskirt length:custom made


When you order, please tell me: Your size (34 to 52) or waist circumference and the body height with shoes




Since many years, I develop and sew hoopskirts, I live with them, so that

they will be as good as posible. The hoops are made of spring steel.

The circumference can also be made smaller,

(an instruction manual is added to your order).

Possible colours: white or black, please order as you like it.

Other hoopskirts are possible, with more frills or hoops, please ask me or see homepage: hoopskirts


Shipping time:  

ca. 3 or five workingdays after the money arrived

(weekend: 5- 8 days).

Shipping by DHL.



Material :

100% Polyester, 

(light, translucent fabric - see photo, no tulle)

wash and wear

for washing please remove the hoops

Questions, please call me by  mail.