(click on photos =>description of the single ballskirts)

If you still have an upper piece (Corset, blouse etc.)

and you want to by a single ballskirt(without hoopskirt underneath)

see these offers:



BR-SP-TA (Ballrskirt lace taffeta)

Ballskirt changeable taffeta - plus laceskirt , 128 Euro,

all colours posible



Ballskirt -Duo, Satin- and lace- skirt , 98 Euro,

all colours possible


BR-SP1b (Ballskirt-lace-border)

Ballskirt -Duo, Satinskirt with borderand laceskirt, 108 Euro,

all colours possible


BR1 Ballskirt, Satin,    all colours possible, 59 Euro

BR2 Ballskirt, Satin, ornamented, all colours possible , 89 Euro


laceskirt, transparent black or white sexy, alluring, 59 Euro

BR2b Ballskirt satin ornamented, and laceskirt all colours possible , 142 Euro

BR3 Ballskirt, Satin, all colours possible, 79 Euro



 BR-TA-1 - changeable taffeta, different colours 79 Euro

 BR-Lack,  vinyl 89 Euro

BR4 Ballrskirt with frills, several colours from 114 Euro




possible in every colour and size, please order by phone,

e- mail or with the order blank

All prizes are final prizeas, inkcl VAT plus shipping,


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Cornelia Bayer,