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Ballgown black with removable fairy sleeves: 179 Euro

Material: 100%polyester






Ballgown black glitter: 189 Euro

Material: 100%polyester







**°°***°°**♥Ballgown black 3 pieces  **°°***°°**

189 Euro

Material: 100%polyester





This ballgown has 3 pieces ,

very much variation possibilities (see photos).


Description upper piece :

black with beautiful decent ornaments .

It shimmers adorable in the colours of the rainbow .

In the sunshine nd in artificial light it glitters extra gorgeous.

The ornaments are different with every gown but the main impression is the same.

Around the shoulder is a bewitching black lace,

which you can wear ofer or around the shoulders.

Corset cut the back is elastic , so that it fits wonderful to your figure.


Double ballskirt:

1 Satin ballskirt, opaque, black  

+ 1 lace ballskirt, transparent, black

The cut of the satin skirt is like a plate, that means:

at the waist, there is less fabrics,

and at the bottom ca. 9 m circumference.

Length ca. 120 cm.

In the waist, there is a elastiv band .

At the bottom, there is a beautiful slight wavy border.

Because of the cut the skirts fits narrow from the waist,

to the hips.

Dont worry, the two waist band don´t disturb the waist.

You can gather the lace skirt as you like it.



It´s just a  georgeous ballgown


And the combination possibilities are endles -

also with other upper pieces, corsets, etc, or this upper piece with another skirt ....




without hoopskirt, veil and corset




Material : 100% polyester,


Sizes: XS bis XXL


Questions, anytime, please use mail adress:

info@magicskirts.de or by phone.



here some examples of the gown with black taille-corset

 the taille corset is not included in this offer,

only as example, the gown is surely wonderful with other coloured corsets.




here another possiblility :-)



You can also wear the ballgown without lace skirt or/and with another coloured ballskirt, here e.g. in red (not included in this offer)

(Veil and Corset are not included in this offer, but available in the shop):



I hope, these many photos don´t confuse you ,

here once again the 3 pieces ballgown

Upper part with satinskirt, black, and lace skirt transparent:



Georgeous ballgown , 189 Euro

WGT, Gothic, Wedding Gown, with attached shoulder train, black

Material: 100%polyester


This ballgown is 1 piece. (on demand 2 pieces possible)


The upper piece of the ballgown:

black with beautiful velvet ornament, which is shimmering in the colours of the rainbow.

back is elastic, so that the upper part fits wonderful to your fugure, Corset with struts,

elongated taille, which makes more slim,

Bewithed Carmen collar, which you can wear aside, or on your shoulders,

with ageeable, transparent train.


The skirt- piece is made of satin, bottom circumference ca 5,00 m.


without hoopskirt

every kind of hoopskirt fits to this gown, also e.g. a rokkoko banner.



Material : 100% polyester,




Questions, anytime, please use mail adress:

info@magicskirts.de or by phone.


I give you also non binding informations about suitable hoopskirts (

circumferences, lengths, etc).

Shipping by DHL.











Black ballgown with bolero 169 Euro

Material: 100%polyester






BK 6-6  

Ballgown violet (a warm violet, difficult to describe,

 removable shoulder strap : 169 Euro

additional fairy sleeves suitable to other gowns : + 25 Euro

additional bolero:  + 25 Euro

Material: 100%polyester








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